Minglong Management, the City's Party Affairs Red Collar Training Course and the "Red Collar Pioneer" Elegance Exhibition were successfully held in our company.

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In order to further broaden the thinking of the two new party building work, enhance the ability and quality of the two new party workers, and improve the level of the two new party building work in the city, on the afternoon of August 21, in the multi-functional conference hall on the second floor of our group, the city's party red collar training class and "red collar pioneer" style exhibition were held. More than 170 people, including organizing committee members and organizers of each town (street), full-time instructors of the two new party building work, secretaries of the two new party organizations, and representatives of party affairs red collar, participated in the training. The training meeting was presided over by Guo Fengen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the Group.

At the scene, 11 outstanding party affairs red-collar representatives selected by various towns (streets), centering on "striving for double strength and being a pioneer", based on their own reality, exchanged speeches on how to be a good party affairs red-collar, do a good job in the two new party building work, and promote the development of enterprises.

Fan Yu, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the two new work committees, fully affirmed the speeches of the 11 party affairs red leaders in the comments, and put forward three requirements on how to be a good party affairs red leader and do a good job in the two new party building work:
One is to demonstrate skills in learning practice and enhance the driving force of work. The majority of party affairs leaders must learn business and documents, be familiar with the current two new party building work priorities, and improve their own party building business capabilities; they must learn advanced, learn and demonstrate, and form a good atmosphere of mutual learning and comparison, and mutual promotion.
The second is to transmit energy in the advice and suggestions to enhance the leadership of the organization. The majority of party affairs leaders must take the initiative to be the "mouthpiece" of the party committee and government and the "propagandist" of policy theory, regularly and frequently contact corporate investors, take the initiative to promote the development of enterprises, and let the party organization "have a role and status".
The third is to strive to be a pioneer in first-line production and enhance innovation and development. The majority of party affairs leaders should closely integrate the education and management of party members with production and operation, actively implement the practices of party member vanguard posts, party member responsibility areas, and post skills competitions, help the central work to be strong, serve the masses of employees, promote harmony, and promote high-quality enterprises and society development.
At the training meeting, Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president of the group, gave a special lecture entitled "non-public enterprises thrive under the leadership of the Communist Party of China" for all the students. from the full understanding of the party, the importance and necessity of party building in non-public enterprises, innovating and improving the methods of party building in non-public enterprises, and doing a good job in party building to promote the sustainable and healthy development of non-public enterprises, share two new party building experiences and practices.
The group has always insisted on consciously doing a good job in party building. Since the transformation, President Zhu Jianhua has transformed the former deputy secretary of the party branch into the secretary of the party branch. Since then, he has opened up a road for enterprise development that focuses on party building and economy.
Thirty-five years of practice has proved that party building work helps to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of enterprise employees, and has played a positive role in the long-term and stable development of enterprises.