Minglong Party Building | Party Members Add "New Blood" and Group Development Injects "New Vitality"

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On the 5th, 6th and 7th of the National Day holiday, four branches of the Party Committee of Minglong Holding Group held a party meeting for the recruitment and confirmation of two party activists and three probationary party members. Zhang Jianfang, the group's party building instructor, and Gu Huiqing, the organization officer, attended the party meeting respectively.
In recent years, Minglong's party building and corporate culture, with the attention and support of Party Secretary and President Zhu Jianhua, has closely focused on the concept of "strong party building and strong development", and has made great progress in all aspects of work.
Among them, the development of party members is an important task of the branch, which can not only strengthen the party members of the branch, add fresh blood to the party organization, inject new vitality, but also further strengthen the construction of the party organization and enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party branch.
▲ General Assembly of Party Members of the Head Office
At the meeting, Zhu Linjie, vice president and chief financial officer of the probationary party member group, carefully reviewed the situation of thinking, study, and work over the past year. At the same time, he joined the party as an introducer. All party members affirmed his performance in the preparatory period while affirming his achievements. He put forward different opinions. Everyone believes that since the comrade was identified as the target of development, he has been able to continuously learn the knowledge of the party, actively participate in branch activities, work hard, and always strictly demand himself according to the standards of a party member. It was unanimously agreed by vote to become a full party member on time.
Hu Yufei, Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources, the target of development, read out the "Volunteer Letter for Joining the Party" and reported on his ideological changes in the process of joining the party and his understanding of the party. After inspection, the comrade met the standards for party members. After discussion by all party members of the branch, they unanimously agreed to be recruited as probationary party members through voting.
Comrade Hu Yufei said: I would like to thank the party organizations and party members and cadres for their guidance and help over the years. In my future work, I will always strictly demand myself according to the standards of a Communist Party member, always accept the supervision of the party members and the masses, and conscientiously do a good job in all kinds of work.
▲ Warp Knitting First Branch Party Member Conference
At the meeting, Yu Dongzhen, Assistant Minister of Warp and Knitting Business, carefully read out the "Application Form for Joining the Party", reported on his understanding of the party, motivation for joining the party, and his resume, and expressed his willingness and determination to join the party. After discussion by all the members of the branch meeting, it was unanimously agreed that Comrade Yu Dongzhen should be admitted as a probationary member of the Communist Party of China.
For a long time, the party committee of Minglong Group has kept up with the pace of the times, paid close attention to party building, and conscientiously carried out party member education activities. Organizational construction has gone through ups and downs along the way from the party branch to the party committee. Party building and enterprise development share the same fate. In this process, party building has played an irreplaceable role, and it has been fully integrated with the enterprise., Has played a leading role in the development of the enterprise. We have always believed that doing a good job in party building will promote the development of the enterprise, improve the quality of the team, and promote social harmony, thus playing a leading and promoting role, and forming a good atmosphere for the simultaneous development of party building and company production and operation.