Minglong Management | Group's "Three Governance Integration" Construction Meets Tongxiang Federation of Trade Unions Examination and Acceptance

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On October 13, Chen Weihong, party secretary and chairman of Tongxiang Federation of Trade Unions, and his party visited Minglong to conduct on-site inspection and acceptance of the "three governance integration" construction work. Zhang Jian, deputy secretary of the party committee of Tudian Town and chairman of the trade union, accompanied by Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of the group.

Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of the group, explained in detail the implementation and promotion of the group's construction of "three governance integration" from the three aspects of "autonomy", "rule of law" and "rule of virtue. Chairman Chen and his party listened carefully to the report and fully affirmed the measures and achievements of the group in the establishment of "three governance integration.

In recent years, we have focused on the new management model of "three governance integration", and jointly promoted autonomy, rule of law, and rule of virtue as a whole, forming a good situation of integration and efficiency, management improvement, and team stability, which has played a powerful role in boosting. Next, the group will always take the "three governance integration" enterprise management model as the starting point, combine with the enterprise party building work plan to further promote the construction of "three governance integration", enhance the integration of "three governance integration" with party building work, production and operation work, and solidly promote the "three governance integration" work.