Minglong Management, Minglong Lecture Hall No.93-September Business Analysis Meeting

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On the afternoon of October 15, the group's September production and operation analysis meeting and sprint 1 billion goal agitation meeting was held in the training center on the first floor, with the participation of management personnel above the deputy director of the shift. the theme of the meeting was "strengthen confidence and strive to sprint 1 billion goals". The meeting focused on analyzing and summarizing the production and operation situation in September, and the general managers of each branch made statements around the assessment and 1 billion objectives.
The meeting kicked off with the loud singing of "We Walk on the Road.
First of all, the financial center will report the completion of the assessment indicators. The management center will report the entry and exit of group personnel in the third quarter and the occurrence of work-related injuries in September. The general managers of each branch will report the operating data in September and carefully analyze the existing problems. At the same time, they will make a statement on the following sales targets.
Financial Center-Zhu Linjie.
Management Center-Guo Fengen
Ming Long Warp Knitting-Zhou Lijun
Minglong New Material-Li Xu
Ming Long Kibu-Sun Xuehua
Ming Long Chemical Fiber-Zhu Aiping
New Minglong Technology-Jia Wenguang
President's Speech

1. pay close attention to production and do not relax.

1. Maximize the operating efficiency of the equipment and improve the output in an all-round way.

2, overtime production, in the case of serious shortage of cadres and administration to take the lead, set an example.

3. Optimize the post allocation, arrange the work reasonably, handle special matters and urgent matters, and comprehensively improve the leadership management and coordination ability.

2. pay close attention to the progress of the project and do not relax.

1, to achieve the project schedule has a timetable, on time with good quality and quantity to complete.

2. Each project has a responsible person, supervision and implementation.

3, to achieve the smooth production of each project on time, must do the preparatory everything in place.

3. pay close attention to cost control is not relaxed.

1, the price of raw materials to control.

2, from the internal fine management efforts, employment positions to optimize.

3. Reduce waste.


Classic recitation

The Tao Te Chin

[Chapter 10] Zai (zài) Camp Spirit Hold One, Can There Be No Departure? Be dedicated to softness, can you be a baby? To remove the mysterious view, can you be blameless? Love the people and govern the country, can you be ignorant (zhì)? Can Tianmen open and close (hé), have no female? Understand Sida, can you do nothing?

[Chapter 11] Thirty spokes have a total of one hub (g incarnation). When it is not available, it is used for cars. Yan (shān zhí) is a device, when it is not, it is used. Chisel households (y ǐ u) think room, when it is not, there is room. Therefore, some think of profit, no thought of use.


Can spirit and body be one without separation? Can they be as soft and gentle as a baby's state of no desire? Can they eliminate distractions and observe the mind deeply without blemish? Can they abide by the law of natural inaction when they love the people and govern the country? Can they be quiet when their senses contact with the opposite changes of the outside world? Can they understand Sida and not use their thoughts?

Thirty spokes are collected into a hole in the hub, and only when the hub is hollow can it function as a car. Kneading clay to make utensils, there is a hollow place of utensils, there is the role of utensils. Dwell doors and windows to build houses, with the empty part of the four walls of doors and windows, only the role of houses. Therefore, the "has" gives people convenience, and the "nothing" plays its role.