Minglong management, little dedication to build love projects, great deeds to shape the image of Minglong

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Blood donation reflects the spirit of mutual help and selfless dedication. In order to show corporate responsibility and social responsibility, on October 21, the company organized employees to carry out voluntary blood donation and love activities.
At 7 o'clock in the morning, some employees waited early to donate blood. The enthusiasm of the employees for blood donation is high. With the registration, physical examination, preliminary screening, blood collection and other steps, the blood full of love and dedication slowly flows from the employees' arms to the blood storage bag. They use their actions to interpret the power of love and convey the warmth of the world.
Looking at the blood full of love and dedication slowly flowing from the arms of colleagues to the blood storage bag, just like the banner showing "little dedication builds a love project, great deeds shape the image of Minglong", they use their actions to interpret the power of love, convey the warmth of the world, and show the elegant demeanour of Minglong people!
Over the years, the company attaches great importance to the work of unpaid blood donation, always adheres to the performance of social functions, regards it as one of the important contents of the construction of spiritual civilization of the enterprise, constantly strengthens the publicity work, and effectively enhances the staff's sense of responsibility and dedication, so as to create a good social atmosphere for the smooth development of unpaid blood donation.