Minglong Culture, the Most Beautiful Minglong People's Travels in Hubei: A Trip to Yichang, Shennongjia and Three Gorges

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Drink the same river water, Yu head Hubei middle Shanghai tail, but Hubei with candle. 2020 Spring Festival, the whole of China to talk about Hubei color change. There is a saying that the people of Hubei are self-sacrificing to protect China, the epidemic is a common test for the people, no one can stay out of the matter. On the morning of October 25, President Zhu Jianhua led the group's most beautiful Ming dragon people to Hubei Yichang, Shennongjia launched the epidemic prevention and control of the normal downstream, learn two not miss a six-day tour.

The group holds a selection activity of "the most beautiful Ming dragon people" every two years. So far, it has selected four "most beautiful Ming dragon people", with a total of 17 people. "The most beautiful and beautiful dragon people" are all employees with excellent working ability, lean business skills, helpful and selfless dedication, and have a good reputation among leaders and colleagues. "The most beautiful and beautiful dragon people" include yarn wearers and ministers of mechanical and electrical department who are struggling in the front line, as well as general managers and deputy production managers of branches who hold management positions. No matter which position they are in, they can strictly demand themselves everywhere, be conscientious and meticulous, and do their best in their own work.

Xiaolongtan Wild Test Station, Savage Museum to explore the mystery of the savage, Central China Roof Shennong Top View Mangmang Forest Sea Mountains, Shennong First Scenery View Shennong Sea of Clouds, Savage Haunt Land Slab Rock View Alpine Meadow Stone Forest, Primitive Forest Golden Monkey Ridge to enjoy the joy of primitive landscape.

The second stop: [Shennong Altar], [Tiansheng Bridge]]

The third stop: [Three Gorges people]]

I hope that all Minglong people will earnestly learn the outstanding deeds of the "most beautiful Minglong people", carry forward the most beautiful spirit of selfless dedication, rooting in the enterprise, and serving the enterprise, further do their own work, and show the positive spirit of Minglong people.