Minglong Management, Minglong Warp Knitting Held the First Sofa Fabric New Product Conference!

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On November 2, Minglong warp knitting held its first new product conference. The conference was presided over by Xu Jiaxin, Minister of Warp Knitting and Development Department. Minister Xu introduced in detail the advantageous products developed this year, as well as the knowledge points of several new processes involved, and also put forward some processes that may be used in the future.

At the beginning of the press conference, General Manager Zhou Lijun made a speech, stating the main objectives and directions of the development department in the future, proposing that everyone should introduce more new products to customers, strive to win more orders, and put forward our newly registered brand UNA. General Manager Zhou Lijun's statement brought great confidence to everyone and ignited the fighting spirit. They all expressed that they have such a strong team support and will continue to work hard to sprint the performance target in the next time.

In order to let the salesman and various departments have a deeper understanding of the development of new products, everyone circulated and became familiar with the new products on site.

In addition, Minister Xu said that the development department would better develop and do the best logistics support work for the stormy business department.
Innovation is the fundamental survival and development of enterprises, through technological innovation, new product development and promotion, not only can fully mobilize the passion of the company's internal staff, but also help to improve the company's sales performance, so as to create maximum value for the enterprise.