Minglong Management, Minglong Lecture Hall No. 95-November Business Analysis Meeting

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On the afternoon of December 16, the group's November production and operation analysis meeting was held in the training center on the first floor. the analysis meeting was extended to managers above the team leader. The meeting focused on summarizing the production and operation in November.

First, the party building instructor of the group read out the documents, and then three new targets: Zhu Shengbin, Zhong Xiaofei and Fei Tingting made statements respectively. Then the financial center reports the completion of the assessment indicators, the management center reports the joint inspection of production safety, and the general managers of each branch report the operating data for November.

Party building instructor reads documents

President's Speech

1. go all out and sprint 2020 the last 15 days.

1, full power, tap the potential, the output to the extreme.

2. use your brains and try your best to sell the produced products.

3, do everything possible, extraordinary play, recovery of funds, to ensure that overdue receivables do not cross the year.

2. are fully prepared to meet new challenges and strive to get off to a good start in 2021.

1, conscientiously sum up, pioneering and innovative, with new development concept to meet the new year's work.

2, set a good goal, insist on, measures in place, steady progress.

3, open source throttle, increase production and save expenditure, reduce waste, improve efficiency.

3. pay close attention to the speed of time increase and make every effort to promote the progress of various projects.

1, attach great importance to, interlocking, never relax, steady progress.

2. Set out a timetable, divide the work, implement round-the-clock supervision, and track down the accountability system.

3. The train of thought should be clear, scientific and reasonable layout, and full preparation should be made to ensure the smooth production of each project.

micro party class

In this micro-party class, I learned the deeds of anti-epidemic heroes by watching the video "I am not a hero. Their stories are moved and shocked; their stories inspire, inspire, infect, and edify people; their stories fully reflect the spiritual outlook of party members and cadres who charge forward and take responsibility, and are an example and spiritual strength for us to learn from.