Base construction

The party committee of the group gives full play to the role of the group organization and spreads a positive spiritual outlook. Today, Minglong has developed in an all-round way and has become a development base for various social groups.


Party member entrepreneurship practice base

Jiaxing Advanced Grass-roots Party School

New Economy and New Social Organization Red Club of Tongxiang City

Employment Practice Base of School of Foreign Languages, Hangzhou Demonstration University

Yuxin Home, New Residents Girls' School

Youth College Nanhu College Teaching Practice Base

Youth Employment Support Base

Female College Students' Entrepreneurship Guidance and Practice Base in Tongxiang City


Docking Ceremony between the Group and Jiaxing Nanhu College


Launching Ceremony of "Yuxin Home" in Tongxiang City


The Party Committee of the Group and the People's Procuratorate of Jiaxing City signed the "Joint Construction of Party Organizations in Inspection Enterprises"

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