Minglong Management | Spring Festival is approaching, the Group is sending new year's goods to the vast number of employees!

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On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to care for all employees who have been sticking to their posts, working hard and working together, the group has sent everyone a gift package of New Year's goods, and the New Year's goods are delivered to every "family". In the hands, everyone's feelings and hearts are firmly connected, and I wish everyone a happy New Year!

The gift boxes full of new year goods not only bring a strong flavor of the new year, but also let the employees feel the care and blessing of the group. The Group has always adhered to the core concept of people-oriented, giving care and warmth to employees, and also issuing various holiday benefits to further stimulate employees' enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work. In the new year, Wang Minglong people will continue to maintain high morale to work better and share Minglong's future development blueprint!