Group March 8 Women's Day Song Party Poetry Recitation Competition Successfully Held

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In this season of vitality and hope, we have ushered in another "March 8" International Women's Day. In order to care for and care for the work and life of women comrades, increase the festive atmosphere, enliven the cultural and sports life of women workers, and stimulate the enthusiasm of women workers for work, and this year is the centenary of the founding of the party, the party Committee of the group decided to hold this poetry recitation competition "praising the centenary of the founding of the party.

Award session:

During the competition, our contestants have been carefully prepared. The recitation is always soothing and sometimes passionate. I believe that every audience present is full of gratitude and even pride for our great party. I also saw the continuous development and growth of our group in the contestants' PPT. I believe you are all deeply moved and full of pride.

Group Party Secretary, President Zhu Jianhua speech:

Finally, the group party secretary, president speech:

In this season of recovery and beauty, we are full of expectations for the New Year and ushered in the "International Women's Day on March 8th". Here, we gather together to hold a poetry recitation competition, and use this as an opportunity to present the party's centenary birthday. Here, on behalf of Minglong Group, I would like to extend holiday greetings to every lesbian present here and all female employees who are fighting in various positions of the group.

This year, I proposed that we should take the "new development concept, strive hard for 2021" and combine the group's five-year planning goals. The majority of female employees should have a clear understanding of the situation, define their tasks, have a strong sense of responsibility and a lofty sense of mission, work hard in their respective posts, and make new achievements. To that end, I offer the following points of hope:

1. hope that all female employees love their jobs and work hard.

2. hope that all female employees will strengthen their study and continuously improve their own quality.

3. hope that all female workers strive to be new era, new women.

The beautiful blueprint of Minglong's development is encouraging and the grand goal is inspiring. In the future work, the group trade union will continue to innovate work ideas and working methods, actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of female employees, and pay attention to the success and development of female employees. Minglong's employment mechanism has always broken the convention and broke the discrimination of gender and age. As long as there is virtue, ability and talent, they will be reused exceptionally. I hope that every one of us in Minglong can seize the opportunity and make new contributions to Minglong's bright future with full enthusiasm and persistent pursuit. Finally, I wish all female compatriots a happy holiday, smooth work and good health.