The group won the first prize in the keynote speech contest of "celebrating a hundred years with the party and reporting party kindness" held by the party Committee of the Federation of Industry and Commerce.

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Celebrate the Centennial Follow the Party and Report the Party's Gen

April 10, 2021



In order to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, on the afternoon of April 10, the Party Committee of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) held a keynote speech contest on "Celebrating a Centennial with the Party and Reporting the Party's Gen", aiming to further strengthen ideals and beliefs and inspire private entrepreneurs to love the Party. Patriotic feelings gather majestic positive energy. As the chairman unit of Tongxiang Economic Knitting Chamber of Commerce, the group sent representatives to participate in the competition, and finally won the first prize with a good score of 95.7 points.



Wang Jing, member of the Party Committee and Secretary-General of the Jiaxing Federation of Industry and Commerce; Yao Jianming, Executive Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of Tongxiang City and Director of the Municipal Civilization Office; Xu Xinliang, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Working Committee of Tongxiang City, served as the judge of the competition.




Chen Yi, assistant salesman of the new materials branch of the group, participated in the competition on behalf of the chamber of commerce. The topic of her speech was "Minglong growing up under the banner of the party". It tells us about the vicissitudes of the party over the past 100 years, all-powerful, brilliant itinerary. For the sake of national independence and the liberation of the people, we have gone through twists and turns. Combined with the development of enterprises to grasp the party building achieved some results. He expressed his patriotism and love for the Party.




At the scene of the competition, 33 contestants from various chambers of commerce in Tongxiang took the stage one by one around the themes of "listening to the party's words and following the party to report the party's kindness" and "learning from the party's history and thinking, doing practical things and opening up a new bureau", expressing their thoughts, feelings and understandings with both voice and emotion. With enthusiastic and simple language, they led everyone to review the glorious history and great achievements of the Chinese Communist Party over the past century.