Improve operation technology, enhance quality awareness, warp knitting staff training held smoothly

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With the continuous expansion of the group's scale and the diversification of product production, in order to make the new and old employees in the workshop have a more comprehensive understanding of operation skills and product quality requirements. Recently, the Warp Knitting Company conducted a skill training for all car blocker in the training center on the first floor of the holding building. This training gives a detailed and systematic explanation on vehicle blocking technology, matters needing attention and quality.




Yu Meiling, assistant to the workshop director, explained in detail the problems that will occur in the operation of blocking the car.



Xu Yahong, Minister of Quality Control Department, explained in detail the product quality requirements.




Through this training, everyone has a deeper understanding of production operation, inspection and control, and has played a positive role in ensuring the quality of the company's products.


The warp knitting company now has 52 high-speed warp knitting machines imported from Germany, 16 high-speed warp knitting machines, with an annual production capacity of 25000 tons, and is the president of Tongxiang warp knitting association. The main products are automotive interior cloth, super soft, suede, flower point velvet, imitation cotton velvet, imitation leather and other series of products, widely used in automotive interior cloth, home textiles, sofas, curtains, clothing, footwear, toys, advertising and other fields.