Warmly celebrate the founding of the party 100 years, the group successfully held the first "party history knowledge contest"

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From 1921 to 2021, from the cruise ships drifting in the South Lake to the big ships riding the wind and waves of reform and opening up, our party's road was tortuous and bumpy. Over the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has gone through ups and downs. It was he who led the people of the whole country to overthrow the three mountains, fought bloody battles, expelled the Japanese aggressors, and established a new China. It was he who chose the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhered to reform and opening up, and developed scientifically. He came step by step and wrote the miracle of the East with diligence and loyalty.

On this festive day, in order to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party, the Minglong Party Committee launched the first "Party History Knowledge Contest" on June 30 to celebrate the party's centennial birthday and cherish the party's great achievements. To stimulate enthusiasm for work and bring all work to a new level.




knowledge contest of party history






There are 6 teams in this competition, namely, warp knitting first party branch, warp knitting second party branch, new material party branch, kibu party branch, xinminglong party branch, and head office party branch. There are three parts in the competition: required questions, risk questions and rush questions. After the competition of the three links, if the same score appears on the court, the test questions will be added.

The atmosphere on the field was tense and warm, and the players were full of spirit, unity and cooperation, and tacit understanding, showing excellent theoretical quality and good spiritual outlook. With their rich knowledge of party history and wonderful on-the-spot performance, they won bursts of applause from the audience.



Award session


First Prize


Second prize



Third Prize



After fierce competition, the Xinminglong branch stood out and won the first prize; the head office branch and the first warp knitting party branch won the second prize; the second warp knitting party branch, the Kibu party branch, and the new material party branch won the third prize.



Summary Comments



Finally, Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the group party committee and general manager of the warp knitting company, summarized the comments. Call on all party members and cadres to give full play to their vanguard and exemplary role. At the same time, on the basis of continuous study and understanding of party history, they must further strengthen their self-positioning, complete the new mission entrusted by the party and the people, and strive to write a new chapter worthy of the era.