The Group was awarded the brand enterprise of harmonious labor relations in Jiaxing City and its elegant demeanour display.

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This morning, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the group's party committee and vice president, led members of the Minglongmeng Choir to participate in the launching ceremony of the three-year action plan for "harmonious peers" in Jiaxing labor relations and the exhibition of brand enterprise style. In the activity, the group won the brand enterprise of harmonious labor relations in Jiaxing City, and Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president, took the stage to receive the award on behalf of the enterprise. Subsequently, the Ming Long Dream Chorus performed a show of style and sang the song "Dream of China.


Ming Long Dream Choir



A total of 8 members of the Minglong Dream Chorus participated in this event, and they brought an exciting chorus of "Chinese Dream. It shows the positive and energetic atmosphere of the enterprise and its employees.


harmonious labor relations



The group has always been based on humanistic care, with the stage of entrepreneurship and innovation and the cradle of achievement sharing as the carrier, so that employees can feel the happiness and sense of achievement brought by the development of the enterprise, so as to pave the road of happiness.



Attach importance to employee training, always adhere to systematic training, and build an excellent team based on a series of courses such as corporate culture training, on-the-job training, professional knowledge and skills training, and marketing training.





Over the years, the group has paid annual condolences to the three old and one poor party members in Tudian Town and subsidized poor college students to go to school. A special fund for the care of 1 million yuan party members has been set up to help the poor and support the construction of a new countryside.





Minglong built Minglong Cultural Park to create a "home culture" atmosphere,. It has successively held large-scale activities such as staff sports meeting, chorus, skill competition, national defense education, art evening party, etc., to give employees a stage to show themselves. The selection activities of "the most beautiful dragon people" and "good family, good children and good daughter-in-law" have been launched one after another, which has greatly aroused the enthusiasm of employees and provided impetus for the better development of the enterprise.