Improving Management Level and Consolidating Safety Achievements-Group's 18th Safety Production Month Activity

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In order to further consolidate the group's safety work results, sum up experience, find problems, analyze deficiencies, improve the system, and further enhance the safety awareness of employees and the sense of responsibility of managers. Strive to create a safe and harmonious working environment. At noon today, the group held the 18th safety production month mobilization meeting with the theme of "improving management level and consolidating safety achievements" in the multi-function hall on the second floor.


The first item on the agenda of the conference: singing the song of the dragon


Agenda 2: Summary review of security work

Shen Zhouhu, assistant to the president, reported on the group's safety work in the first half of the year, summed up the deficiencies, found out the reasons and learned experience. And the safety work in the second half of the year was made clear.






Agenda item 3: Statement

Representatives of workshop directors of each branch took the stage in turn to make a statement on the safety production month. In their speeches, they summed up their own problems and came up with solutions. He said that he would actively participate in various activities in this month of production safety, set an example, put an end to paralysis, and put safety work in an absolutely important position.

Deepen risk control, improve safety management, actively find problems, and implement safety production to every employee and every job. Improve staff safety awareness and safety management capabilities to ensure safe production.

Actively play the monitor's on-site management function, carefully organize, reasonably arrange, pay close attention to the on-site implementation, to ensure safe production. Ensure the elimination of potential safety hazards and achieve the goal of "zero accidents" in production safety.






Agenda 4: Signing Ceremony

Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president, signed safety agreements with the general managers of each branch in turn on behalf of the group.


Agenda 5: Reading the Proposal

Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president, read out the main contents of the proposal for safe production:

1. firmly establish the concept of safe development.

2. production safety in accordance with laws and regulations.

All safety subjects are 3. to consciously do a good job in the investigation of hidden dangers of safety production accidents.

4. strengthen staff training. Strengthen employee safety awareness.


Agenda 6: Mobilization

Deputy secretary of the party committee, vice president guo fengen do safety production month mobilization. This "safe production month" activity focuses on three aspects:

First, attach great importance to ideology. Safe production is the top priority in the work of the group. All our managers should keep pace with the times and understand safe production from the perspective of overall situation, promoting development, strengthening responsibility, ensuring safety and increasing efficiency.

One is to rise to the highest level.

The second is the "first leader" responsibility system.

Three is to put an end to false big empty.

Second, firm implementation in action. The president repeatedly stressed at each meeting that the focus of production safety work lies in the team and the difficulty lies in the team. Therefore, this year we will focus on improving the ability of grass-roots and middle-level managers, especially their execution.

First, continue to strengthen education and training.

The second is to continue to strengthen team building.

Three is to continue to strengthen the team safety supervision

Third, effective measures. The general manager should carefully analyze the problems existing in the company and departments, especially the repeated safety accidents in the past two years, find the rules, find the characteristics, find the right measures, suit the remedy to the case, and truly treat both the symptoms and the root causes, reward the good and punish the bad.

One to further improve the measures.

Two to further implement in place.

Three to further build security teams.

To truly achieve safe production, production must be safe. Let the word safety run through our work and life. Speaking of safety is not only within the enterprise and in the post, but also in our daily dribs and drabs, driving the people around us, influencing the people around us, reminding the people around us, so that we can enjoy the fruits of labor and a better life with our family while working hard.

Safety hazards are alarm bells, and daily education is not relaxed. The operating rules are spoken every day to ensure new achievements in production.