Group to carry out safety production fire inspection and review activities

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In order to further implement the responsibility of production safety and thoroughly investigate and control potential safety hazards, the group conducted a joint fire safety inspection on August 7, with a total of more than 70 problems. In response to the problems of this inspection, today the Group Management Center and the Finance Center conducted a positioning review of all problems to further verify the rectification.


Safety fire inspection review





Positioning inspection and rectification

August is the Group's safe production month. Around safe production, the inspection team conducted a one-by-one investigation of the Group's factories, workshops, warehouses and dormitories. The overall rectification situation is good. Most of the problems have been rectified in place, and a problem tracking form has been made and relevant records have been made.

Through this inspection, it is hoped that all employees can further enhance their safety awareness, and all branches and departments will continue to strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, pay close attention to implementation, so as to ensure the smooth progress of all work of the enterprise and complete all production tasks safely and efficiently.