Strong Management, Re-training -- Group Reserve Cadres in the Second Quarter

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Have virtue and talent, make an exception to reuse

Have virtue but no talent, cultivate and use

There is no virtue, prohibit reuse

No virtue, no talent, resolutely do not use



1   Excellent quality, young and excellent

The group attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, helps the growth of talents, and strives to build a reserve cadre team with good quality, young and excellent, obvious echelon, good at management, and brave burden.

Recently, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president, and Zhou Lijun organized a collective discussion with 8 reserve cadres. Party committee members and vice presidents Li Xu and Zhu Linjie were invited to attend the discussion meeting.



2 echelons obvious, good at management

At the forum, eight reserve cadres actively spoke, exchanged their work, study and experience in the second quarter, analyzed their own shortcomings, and put forward the direction of efforts in the next stage. In their speeches, their voices were loud, full of self-confidence and confidence, showing the youth and energetic spirit of the reserve cadre team.



The four leaders commented on the speeches of the reserve cadres and made requests.

Vice President Zhu Linjie:1. The contents of the report are clear and in place. 2. To change from an ordinary cadre to a reserve cadre, one must have an overall view and be good at finding and solving problems. 3, to be responsible, regardless of personal gains and losses.

Vice President Li Xu:1, to do a good job, give full play to their advantages. 2. Be good at leading the team and managing the team well. 3, to a good head, play the role of example.

deputy secretary of the party committee, vice president zhou lijun:

1. I hope everyone can clearly know where they have been, how far they are and what will happen next according to their goals at the beginning of the year;

2. Break down your work ideas clearly into every month and every day.

3, to charge ahead, set a benchmark and example.

4, to comprehensively improve their ability, read more books, open their eyes.

5. Talk to your own leaders at least every month, and be an excellent manager, not an excellent employee.

deputy secretary of the party committee, vice president guo fengen:

He made specific comments on the speeches of the eight reserve cadres, especially on the summary and content of each person, and made suggestions. Finally, three requirements are put forward:

1. High positioning: high standards, strict requirements, strong implementation and emphasis on results.

2. Stand high: have a holistic view, a big picture view, think more, ask more and do more.

3. The starting point should be high: work should change from quantitative change to qualitative change, learn more, innovate more, communicate more, and strive to improve yourself.