The Group's 18th Fire Training and Fire Fighting Practice

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In order to improve the ability of employees to deal with emergencies, they are familiar with the operation methods of fire fighting equipment, popularize fire knowledge, master the knowledge and skills of fire escape and self-rescue, and effectively prevent all kinds of fire accidents. According to the monthly plan for safe production, this morning, the group, together with the full-time fire brigade of Tudian, carried out the 18th phase of fire control knowledge training and fire emergency actual combat drill. More than 140 employees participated in the training, which was presided over by Shen Zhouhu, assistant to the president.



Fire fighting knowledge training



The full-time fire brigade of Tudian watched the fire safety education video after training its employees on fire fighting skills and knowledge.


Evacuation drill


Explain the use of fire extinguishers and fire hose



Fire extinguisher actual combat drill



Fire emergency combat drill

Suppose that a fire is caused by a foreign driver smoking illegally in Xinminglong warehouse and throwing cigarette butts into the goods without extinguishing them. Luo Yanping, the warehouse supervisor at the scene of the fire, discovered the fire immediately, reported the fire to the superior and called 119 to call the police, told the fire department the detailed address and scene situation of the fire, and appointed and organized personnel to carry out self-rescue according to the actual situation.




Upon receiving the danger, the members of the mini fire station immediately rushed to the scene to put out the fire. After cutting off the power supply, they used fire extinguishers and indoor fire hydrants to control the spread of the flame and put out the fire.




The communication and liaison team waited at the intersection where 119 vehicles must pass, and guided the 119 firefighters to the exact destination at the fastest speed for rescue. Five minutes later, the full-time fire brigade of Tudian arrived at the scene and successfully put out the fire and rescued the trapped personnel.


Drill Comments



Finally, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president, summarized and commented on the actual fire fighting exercise:

In this exercise, everyone systematically learned the basic knowledge of fire fighting, fire fighting and self-rescue methods, which effectively improved everyone's understanding of fire safety and disaster reduction and prevention, and enhanced everyone's mutual rescue and self-rescue skills in fires.

All branches are required to take this exercise as an opportunity to seriously carry out the investigation and rectification of fire hazards, refine the fire safety responsibilities of various departments and posts, further strengthen the fire safety management level of enterprises, and lay a solid foundation for the production and operation of enterprises.