Peach and plum are all over the world. Thank you for your kindness in September!

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Teachers are the most selfless profession in the world.

Three feet platform, a station a day

A piece of chalk, a write life

Never say bitter, dutiful to students

Never complain, treat students as children



When the autumn wind is blowing around us and the fruits are quietly maturing on the branches, we have ushered in the 37th Teachers' Day.

On the occasion of this festival, Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president of the group, was invited to attend the "third Chongdao Award and 37th teacher's Day Award ceremony in Tudian Town" and came to the stage with Qian Lifang, secretary of the party committee of Tudian Town, to present awards to the "Top Ten Outstanding educators.



Teacher is a sacred profession.

On that three-foot platform

What blooms is a teacher's ardent expectation of his students

and selfless dedication

"When the silkworm dies in spring, the silk is exhausted, and the wax torch turns to ashes and tears begin to dry"

You burn yourself, but you light us up

How many years in the past, the passage of time

What is unforgettable is the earnest instruction and earnest care that the teacher once engraved in his heart.