Carry out skill competition and show the staff's elegant demeanour!

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develop excellent skills and master solid skills



The group unremittingly pays close attention to the training of the staff, focuses on improving the comprehensive quality and skill level of the staff, and strives to build a "four have" workforce to provide talent guarantee for the sustainable development of the company. To this end, Minglong Chemical Fiber Company launched a skill competition on September 13 with the theme of "training excellent skills and mastering solid skills". The competition was composed of 25 operators from Class B. The competition was as follows: the bomb machine was turned on and raised.


In the game...




The raw silk enters the threading hole from the raw silk pipe, passes through the first roller, the upper hot box, the cooling plate, the false twister, the second roller, the lower hot box, the third roller, the oil tanker, and then to the tank. There are many steps in the whole process of raising the head, but they are so flowing in their operation, showing their skilled skills.



Sweating, meticulous operation, focused eyes, women do not let men, everyone is showing the fighting spirit of Minglong people.




After an afternoon of competition, all 25 operators have finished the competition. Each player is responsible for one area, and one area has 12 heads. The best result is 6 minutes and 03 seconds to win the first place. All the contestants are ranked according to the results. Cash reward. This competition has set up a broad stage for employees to gain a foothold in their own posts, practice and compare between learning and learning, as well as exchange and exchange skills with each other. The competition also gives full play to the professionalism and professionalism of the employees.