Minglong Lecture Hall No.101-August Production and Operation Analysis Meeting

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Recently, the group held an August production and operation analysis meeting in the training center on the first floor with the participation of management personnel above the head teacher. At the meeting, the financial center reported the completion of the assessment indicators, the management center reported the rectification of the group's safety and health inspection, and summarized the activities of the safety production month in August. Each branch shall report the reasons and measures for unfinished indicators in turn.


Sing red songs together

-"Unity is strength"


Reporting by each branch and functional department

Group Party Committee Member, Chief Financial Officer-Zhu Linjie


Guo Fengen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the Group


Zhou Lijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group and General Manager of the Warp Knitting Company


Group Party Committee Member, General Manager of New Materials Company-Li Xu


Member of the Party Committee of the Group and General Manager of Kibu Company-Sun Xuehua


Zhu Aiping, General Manager of Minglong Chemical Fiber


Jia Wenguang, member of the Party Committee of the Group and general manager of Xinminglong Company


Speech by Party Secretary and President

After listening to the work report, Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president of the group, put forward three requirements on how to improve the ability of team leaders and middle-level cadres:

1. Work hard on the selection and appointment of middle-level cadres:

Cadres must be young, knowledgeable, and wise; they must have quality, morality, and innovation; they must have the spirit of enduring hardship, dedication, innovation, and hard work.

2. Work hard on the training and use of middle-level cadres:

More education, more guidance, more learning, more training; Understand their ideas and visions through conversation and communication; Give him tasks, give him appropriate pressure, and give him space and opportunities to improve his abilities.

3. Work hard on the goal vision:

To design a good channel for promotion; There should be innovative ways to position the post. In terms of employment, we should do the best for those who are able, those who are equal and those who are mediocre.


Classic recitation

"Tao Te Ching Chapter 22": Qu is complete, waste is straight, depression is surplus, depression is new, less is obtained, more is confused. It is the world style for a saint to hold one. If you don't see yourself, you will be clear. Not self-righteous, so Zhang, not self-cutting, so meritorious; Not self-pity, so long. The husband only does not fight, so the world can not fight with it. In ancient times, the so-called "music is the whole", is not false.

If you bend over, you will be preserved, if you are wronged, you will stretch straight; if you are low, you will be filled, if you are old, you will be renewed; if you take less, you will be confused; if you are greedy, you will be confused. Therefore, there are moral people who stick to this principle as the paradigm of world affairs. Without self-praise, they can show it. If you don't think you are right, you can show your right and wrong. If you don't boast, you can get credit. Not self-reserved, so it can last for a long time. It is precisely because he does not argue with others that no one can argue with him all over the world. How can the ancient saying that "if you compromise, you will be saved" be empty talk? It can actually be achieved.