The Group was awarded the "Five Good" close working committee of Tongxiang City.

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On the afternoon of October 16, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Tongxiang Guan work Committee and the city's work commendation meeting for caring for the next generation were solemnly held. Xing Haihua, Deputy Mayor of Jiaxing City, Chen Yueqiang, Director of Jiaxing Customs Work Committee, Xue Yuefang, Full-time Deputy Director of Jiaxing Customs Work Committee, Chen Lingen, Member of the Standing Committee of the Tongxiang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Fei Yulin, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Tongxiang Municipal People's Congress, Kuerbanjiang Nizamidin, Deputy Mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People's Government, Chen Bingrong. The Group was awarded the "Five Good" Committee of Tongxiang City and was commended by the General Assembly.



The conference first watched the short film "30 years of passing on the fire and caring for the next generation with love-a documentary on the 30th anniversary of the founding of Tongxiang Guan work Committee", and reviewed the ups and downs of Tongxiang Guan work Committee over the past 30 years by means of video.



Deputy Mayor Kurbanjiang Nizamidin read a congratulatory message from Municipal Party Secretary Qi Li.



Coring the work of the next generation is an important part of the party's cause, a strategic project related to the future and destiny of the country, and a popular project related to thousands of families.

Cultivating talents for the benefit of Sangzi! Since its establishment 30 years ago, the Tongxiang City Care for the Next Generation Working Committee has played an important role as a bridge and link between the party and the government to connect with young people, uniting and leading the vast number of retired old comrades such as old cadres, old soldiers, old experts, old teachers, and old models., Keep in mind the mission, focus on the fundamental task of Lide and cultivate people, and extensively carry out ideological and moral education for young people, created a series of characteristic brands such as the "Wutong Tree" help and education program, the green protection project, the glorious career love pairing, and the "Love. Tomorrow" youth education practice activities, etc., to help young people buckle the "first button" of life, and compose a song A moving chapter of hard work to cultivate the next generation!

It is hoped that the work committees at all levels and the "five elders" in the city will thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on caring for the work of the next generation, adhere to the urgent needs of the party and government, think about the needs of young people, do their best to focus on the center, serve the overall situation, actively cooperate and take the initiative to educate and guide young people to feel the party's favor, listen to the party and follow the party, and continue the red gene.

Party committees and governments at all levels should strengthen their leadership and support for the work of caring for the next generation, so that the majority of the "five elders" can do something and shine on the broad stage of caring for the work of the next generation, and promote the city's care for the next generation to a higher level. Building, in order to achieve the second centenary goal, to make greater contributions to Tongxiang's striving to be a model city pioneer in high-quality development and construction of common prosperity.

Sincerely wish the "five old" comrades good health and family happiness! I wish the majority of young people all-round development, thrive!


Secretary of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee: Qi Li

8 October 2021



The meeting awarded honorary certificates and medals to representatives of Tongxiang City's "Most Beautiful Five Old People" in 2020, Tongxiang City's "Red Boat Good Youth", Tongxiang City's Outstanding Five Old People's Speaker, Tongxiang City's Advanced Worker of Care for the Next Generation, Tongxiang City's Grass-roots Five Good Work Committee in 2020-2021, and Tongxiang City's Outstanding Five Old People's Studio, and awarded the Tongxiang City's Care for the Next Generation Education Base.






As a pilot unit of Tudian Town's Guan Working Committee, the Group has done a good job of caring for the next generation with heart and emotion. The group has a large number of foreign employees. In view of the characteristics of more foreign employees, it carries out rich parent-child activities every winter and summer. In the past three years, it has developed and innovated. In conjunction with Jiaxing and Tongxiang Science and Technology Museum, it has sent caravans to enterprises and organized popular science activities with the Association for Science and Technology. Education experts and "five old" volunteers are regularly invited to give family education lectures. In addition, the group has set up a special care fund ", we will subsidize students in need and organize personnel to offer condolences to students in special schools, so as to inject new impetus and vitality into caring for the healthy development of the next generation.