Group Launching Safety, Health and Fire Control Inspection in November

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In order to further implement the responsibility of production safety, thoroughly investigate and control potential safety hazards, and establish a long-term mechanism for production safety, recently, the management center organized a major inspection of safety, health and fire control in November.




The inspection team investigated the company's factory area, workshop, warehouse, toilet and other places respectively. The overall condition is good, but there are also many potential safety hazards, such as the fire extinguisher is not checked, the fire hose is twisted incorrectly, and there are many sundries in the corner of the workshop. The inspection team made a detailed record of the problems found and took photos.





The management center will classify and summarize the hidden dangers found in this inspection, stipulate the rectification time limit, and distribute it to each branch, requiring the branch to implement the rectification within the prescribed time limit, and the responsibility is to the person. In the next step, the management center will supervise, rectify and track the potential safety hazards found in this inspection.

Through this inspection, the group hopes that all employees can further enhance their safety awareness, and all branches and departments will continue to strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers to ensure the smooth progress of all work of the enterprise.