New starting point, new journey!

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In order to meet the needs of the group's operation and development under the new situation, further enhance the group's overall management ability, consolidate the management foundation and expand its influence. After the study and decision of the party committee of the group, comrades Zhou Lijun and Guo Fengen were appointed as follows: the 1. appointed Comrade Zhou Lijun as deputy secretary and president of the party committee of the group, general manager of the warp knitting company and general manager of the import and export company, and removed from the post of vice president at the same time; the 2. appointed Comrade Guo Fengen as deputy secretary of the party committee and executive president of the group, and removed from the post of vice president at the same time. The appointment document was read out by Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, at the production and operation analysis meeting on November 15, and explained the personnel change.




Zhou Lijun, born in October 1989, from Heshan, Tongxiang, a member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from Xingzhi College of Zhejiang Normal University in 2012. After graduation, he directly entered the company and successively served as foreign trade salesman, assistant general manager, deputy general manager, general manager and group vice president. He served as a member of the Party Committee of the Group in 2014 and deputy secretary of the Party Committee in 2020.



Guo Fengen, born in October 1981, from Lankao, Henan, graduated from Henan Zhongshan Medical College with a college degree and a member of the Communist Party of China. He retired from the army in 2004 and joined the company in 2005. He successively served as deputy director of the office, director of the office, assistant to the president, deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces, chairman of the trade union, and vice president of the group. In 2011, he served as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group.


Statement of Inauguration


Zhou Lijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President and General Manager of Warp Knitting Company of the Group

1. people-oriented, moral

1, pay close attention to study and not relax; 2, pay close attention to ideological construction and not relax; 3, pay close attention to team building and not relax.

2. ride the wind and waves, performance is king

1, firmly lock the chairman of the "three positioning" and "two creative spirit", to carry out production and sales;

2. Continue to implement and deepen the performance appraisal, make the appraisal more detailed and refined, and gradually implement it from the top to the middle-level grass-roots level;

3. Improve on-site management and build a benchmark factory.

3. forge ahead and live up to our youth; carry on the past and forge ahead bravely.

1. The development of the group has entered a critical stage, which is full of opportunities and challenges, but the overall opportunities outweigh the challenges;

2. In the face of difficulties, we are never afraid and united.



Guo Fengen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive President of the Group

1. sincerity (being a person): treat people with sincerity, do things with sincerity, and do one's job well with sincerity and seeking truth from facts.

2. attentively (doing things): doing things seriously can only do things right, and doing things attentively can do things well. at the same time, remember: as long as the process is solid, the results will be wonderful!

3. Persistence (Persistence): Successful people choose to persist, losers choose to give up, so as not to be afraid of the future, Do not forget your initiative mind, perseverance, and do it to the end!