The group successfully carried out the 11th "military day" training activities

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As an important part of China's armed forces, the militia is the assistant and reserve force of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, shouldering glorious responsibilities and obligations, shouldering the sacred mission entrusted by the party and the people, and shouldering the dual task of building and defending the motherland.

On November 16, the group's backbone militia carried out the "11th military training" activity with full enthusiasm at the training base of the people's Armed Forces Department of Tongxiang City.


In practice






Stand at attention, at ease, look to the right, look forward, go in stride......." Rows of militiamen are uniformly dressed in camouflage uniforms. Under the command of the instructor, they raise their heads and hold their chests high, and they are training in formation with neat steps.

Look, on the training ground, the basic militiamen showed a high mental state and rigorous military style. They used the standards of soldiers to strictly demand themselves and obey orders. Every action was neat and uniform. How energetic!


In target shooting



In the shooting training range, Li Ning, chief of the military section, explained in detail the shooting methods, shooting essentials and other military knowledge. In particular, the basic essentials such as target aiming and horizontal shooting are demonstrated, and the matters needing attention are emphasized.

Lying down, loading bullets, holding guns, aiming, and shooting, everyone was full of energy and focused, strictly in accordance with the requirements of military discipline, ordered and prohibited, and carried out live firing in groups under the unified command of security officers.





At the end of the event, all the primary militia watched a national defense education video. This activity enabled the militia to strengthen their concept of national defense and enhance their sense of responsibility and mission in building a modern national defense.



This militia training is more organized and disciplined than ever before. The militiamen cherish the training opportunities very much, earnestly do a good job in the training of various military subjects, and train hard to forge an excellent Minglong team that "comes as soon as it is called, can fight when it comes, and win when it is fought", and resolutely complete the tasks with practical actions. Be a loyal guard of the party and the people!