Party member's electronic education activities

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In order to further promote the construction of the group's grass-roots party organizations and party members, enhance the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organizations, and lay the foundation for the healthy development of the enterprise, on the afternoon of March 25, the groupCompanyThe party Committee organized a "party member" in the training center on the first floor.e-educationActivities ", all party members to join the party activists participated in the activity. By watching the educational films "Moving China", "The Road to Anti-Corruption, the Start of Breaking Discipline", and the "Pride" micro-film, we educate party members to understand the "human rate table" from the "positive and negative" comparison, and even a glorious Communist Party member. The true connotation of education, education of party members to promote positive energy, oppose corruption, oppose favoritism, and then think about how to become an excellent "Minglong party member".