Group executives went to Weifang, Shandong Province to sign a contract with Jiacheng Digital Co., Ltd.

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In order to actively innovate new forms of grassroots party building work, strive to improve the overall level of party building work, conspire activities, share resources, and win-win cooperation, effectively strengthen exchanges between party organizations, learn from each other's strengths, and jointly promote new ways of party building work in the new era. On December 11, Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the group's party committee and chairman, was invited to lead the group's senior management to Shandong Weifang Jiacheng Digital Materials Co., Ltd. to carry out party building alliance co-building activities and held a signing a signing ceremony.



OneVisit to learn





Under the leadership of Wang Bingxin, chairman of Jiacheng Company, Zhu Jianhua and his party visited the product exhibition hall and the party building culture exhibition hall successively.


IICo-construction Ceremony


Zhang Yingjie, Member of the Standing Committee of Changle County Committee and Minister of Organization Department


Group Party Secretary, Chairman Zhu Jianhua


Wang Bingxin, Chairman of Jiacheng Digital Materials Co., Ltd.


The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Jijun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changle County Economic Development Zone, and Zhang Yingjie, member of the Standing Committee of Changle County Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, delivered a speech. Subsequently, the group party secretary, chairman Zhu Jianhua and Jiacheng Digital Materials Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Bingxin spoke respectively.

Zhu Jianhua said that he was very grateful to Jiacheng Company for inviting him to participate in the signing of the joint construction of Jiacheng and Minglong Party Building Alliance. Just now, we visited the party building exhibition hall of jiacheng company on the spot, and deeply felt that your company has always attached importance to party building, especially hearing the words "colorful jiacheng". it is really a coincidence. our minglong party building also proposed "colorful minglong". this is fate. Therefore, I firmly believe that the party building of our two companies will learn from each other on the basis of fate, and under the guidance of party building, the two companies will surely produce fruitful results in various fields.


ThreeSigning ceremony




Through this event, the two parties will use the link of "party building and joint construction" to further promote the linkage between the two parties, enrich the organizational life of both parties, and inject new vitality into the party building work. At the same time, through the leadership of party building, the two parties can achieve complementary advantages, promote business with party building, and provide a solid guarantee for the high-quality development of various tasks of both parties.