The group organized the 2021 occupational health examination

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In order to strengthen the management of occupational health surveillance and protect the health of workers, in accordance with the laws and regulations on occupational disease prevention and control and the specific requirements of the monitoring report on occupational hazard factors, on the morning of December 17, the group invited the third people's Hospital of Tongxiang City to carry out occupational health examination for more than 200 on-the-job employees in the multi-function hall on the second floor.



This physical examination with blood routine, urine routine, liver and kidney function, electrical audiometry, internal medicine, surgery and other items. After the inspection, the company will follow the principle of one person, one file, according to the inspection results to improve the occupational health surveillance files, timely understand the health status of employees, so as to achieve early detection, early treatment, early recovery, early attention, early prevention, early action.






Occupational health examination can not only deepen everyone's understanding of occupational diseases, popularize common sense of prevention, urge employees to use personal protective equipment in time, reduce occupational hazard accidents, but also make employees fully feel the care and warmth of Minglong family, enhance employees' sense of belonging, and inject strong impetus into the sustainable and stable development of the group.