Jin Hu Sending Fu-Tongxiang Cultural Center Sending Fu to Enterprises

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Send blessings into the enterprise


Sticker the word "blessing", hang the Spring Festival couplet, bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. In order to create a New Year atmosphere and further promote the cultural benefit project, recently, the Tongxiang City Cultural Center United Group Branch launched the "Send Fortune to Enterprise" activity.


On-site writing blessing painting



At the event site, volunteers from the Calligraphers Association splashed ink and pen, integrated the praise for a better life into the Spring Festival couplets, and integrated the wishes into the "blessing. On the other side, cultural volunteers painted New Year pictures on the spot, and the New Year pictures of blessings leapt onto the paper. The activity attracted employees to watch, and the scene was lively and festive. The onlookers also received Spring Festival couplets and "Fu Zi" to bring their blessings home.


Send blessing to workshop



Afterwards, the volunteers will bring the written Spring Festival couplets, "Fu" characters, and New Year pictures to the front-line employees of the workshop, so that they can also feel the beauty of the New Year on the front line of work.