Each Party Branch of the Group Held a Special Democratic Life Meeting on Party History Learning and Education

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According to the unified arrangement of the higher authorities, recently, each party branch of the group held a special democratic life meeting on party history study and education. In connection with the implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and the reality of the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, the meeting conducted in-depth self-examination and party spirit analysis, identified outstanding problems, and seriously carried out criticism and self-criticism.


Democratic Life Association of All Branches

Democratic Life Association of Head Office Branch


Warp Knitting First Branch Democratic Life Association


Warp Knitting Second Branch Democratic Life Meeting


New Materials Branch Democratic Life Meeting


Kibu Branch and New Minglong Branch Democratic Life Association


At the meeting, the comrades of the various branches closely followed the theme, carried out criticism and self-criticism, put themselves in, put their responsibilities in, put their work in, and criticized each other openly and directly, which fully reflected the political and contemporary nature of the political life within the party., Principle and seriousness have achieved the expected effects of unifying thinking, enhancing unity, inspiring spirit, and gathering strength.

At the same time, each branch closely follows the current national "two sessions" spirit and learning Lei Feng and other themes, and carries out activities such as micro-party class learning and party history reading. Each activity has its own characteristics, which greatly improves the quality and significance of this democratic life meeting.

Each branch is fully prepared for this special democratic life meeting, with prominent themes, standardized procedures, and strong pertinence, and has achieved the expected results. It is a special democratic life meeting that meets the requirements. The party committee of the group requested to take this special democratic life meeting as an opportunity to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Central Party History Learning and Education Summary Conference and the Central Political Bureau Special Democratic Life Conference, profoundly summarize the successful experience of party history learning and education, and insist on strengthening theoretical learning, Improve political positions, insist on rectifying problems, expand learning results, ensure obvious results, and promote the normalization of party history learning and education.