The Group Party Committee held an epidemic prevention and control meeting to firmly build the bottom line of prevention and control!

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 In view of the frequent occurrence of domestic epidemics, especially since March, the frequency of epidemics has increased significantly, and the scope of the affected areas is also expanding. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the group party committee attaches great importance to it, and the party committee secretary and chairman Zhu Jianhua personally presided over the emergency The prevention and control meeting was attended by the main persons in charge of each branch. Three requirements were put forward at the meeting:



1. Effectively improve the sense of responsibility.All branches should take the epidemic prevention and control response work seriously, strictly implement the system of the first responsible person for epidemic prevention and control work, timely convey to employees the relevant requirements of the superior government and the group epidemic prevention and control, and attach great importance to it ideologically.

2. guard the "door" and manage the "people".Strengthen the management of doormen, increase the investigation of foreign personnel; do a good job in the management of international express delivery; do a good job in killing, and regularly kill key areas and office places.

3. Strictly implement the Group's prevention and control requirements.Do a good job in employee control; Strict control of gathering activities; Do a good job in production control; Strengthen emergency response.


   Subsequently, Guo fengen, deputy secretary of the party Committee and executive president of the group, held a meeting on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of non-cold chain imported goods, attended by the business leaders of each branch. at the meeting, he learned the contents of the notice on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of non-cold chain imported goods in industrial enterprises from Tudian town, and put forward specific requirements for the international express delivery management of the group:



1.Implement source control. If there is international express timely reporting, in accordance with the provisions of nucleic acid sampling and testing. After the results are no exception, they will be taken to the unified international express storage for disinfection again, and regular cleaning and disinfection work will be carried out in the area.

2. establish a full traceability system.A registration ledger shall be established for the whole process of transportation, loading and unloading, processing and sales of imported goods, and a special person shall be responsible for it.

3. implement employee health management.All employees and foreign personnel entering the factory area must sweep the "Tong Xing Tong" and measure the temperature and bright code before entering. Establish personal health ledgers for key personnel who come into contact with imported items, require nucleic acid testing every 2 days, and implement personal protection during operation.


All personnel can enter only after scanning the "Tongxingtong" registration.


Employees wear masks in line for meals and keep a distance of one meter.


Epidemic prevention and control reminder

1. To declare out of the province and out of the city. The current epidemic situation is grim, the majority of employees to reduce the flow, not necessary to leave, in principle, not to go to the medium and high-risk areas of the county (city, district). Employees returning from outside Jiaxing City should take the initiative to carry out a nucleic acid test.

Vaccination should be active. Vaccination has a significant effect on preventing infection, preventing retransmission and reducing the number of critically ill patients. No physical contraindications currently not vaccinated employees as soon as possible to arrange vaccination.

3. Clustering activities should be avoided. Advocate "happy events to be postponed, funerals to be brief, banquets not to be held". All employees avoid participating in crowd gathering activities, and try not to go to public places with large flow of people.

4. Express disposal to be cautious. During the outbreak, try to avoid online shopping and express items from overseas and domestic high-risk areas of the outbreak, and do a good job of personal protection when signing for express mail and unpacking.