Minglong President Zhu Jianhua Led Tongxiang Warp Knitting Chamber of Commerce to Visit Tongkun Group

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On the afternoon of September 14, Zhu Jianhua, president of the group and president of Tongxiang Warp Knitting Chamber of Commerce, led members of the Chamber of Commerce to visit Tongkun Group to learn the successful business philosophy of Tongkun Group, accompanied by Chen Shinan, Shen Fuqiang and Li Yanrong of Tongkun Group. The first-class technology, intelligent equipment and advanced management of Hengbang and Hengrui factories have greatly opened the eyes and inspired the members of the Chamber of Commerce.
Tongkun Group is the pride of Zhejiang merchants and a role model for private enterprises. This is also the most sincere feeling of every chamber of commerce member after visiting Tongkun Group. Subsequently, members of Tongxiang warp knitting chamber of Commerce had a discussion with the leaders of Tongkun group. Zhu Weiqiang, vice mayor of Tongxiang City, and Chen Bingrong, chairman of Tongxiang Federation of industry and Commerce, attended the forum.
At the meeting, the vice mayor proposed that the warp knitting industry in Tongxiang should continue to develop in the direction of high-precision, and the post-finishing of the industry should be improved to national policies, and various indicators on environmental protection should be improved from the source. Industrial transformation and upgrading is an important development direction for future development.
President Zhu Jianhua said: I have a deep feeling of visiting Tongkun Group. The scale of Tongkun Group is growing day by day. Its unique business philosophy and product knowledge are examples for the members of the Warp Editing Chamber of Commerce. In the future, we must communicate with each other, unite as one, and cooperate for a win-win situation. Ensure the stable and normal operation of the entire industry.