Epidemic prevention and production is not wrong, the resumption of work and production is not negative spring.

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Group Subordinates

Warp Knitting, New Material Company

Formal resumption of work and production


Since 0:00 on April 12, the level II emergency response to public health emergencies in Tongxiang City has been adjusted to level III emergency response, and the city has resumed work and school in an orderly manner.

The group's research decision, under the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, Minglong warp knitting and new materials company officially resumed work, the resumption rate reached 85%, the resumption rate reached 100 percent, full horsepower to protect orders.


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Epidemic prevention and control



safety production

Before resuming work, each branch will carry out a major inspection of production safety within the enterprise, especially equipment safety inspection and fire safety inspection, and conduct production safety education for employees who return to work.

Each branch shall conduct health check and management of employees before returning to work.


Employee Management

Do strictly guard the "small door". When employees enter the factory, they must scan the "Tong Xingtong", check the health code, travel code, wearing masks, and take their body temperature.

All employees wear masks throughout the work period, and take personal hygiene measures such as hand disinfection.


Prevention and control of public areas

Before the resumption of work, the company shall conduct a comprehensive disinfection and ventilation, and centralize the disinfection of all plant areas once a day.

Non-lodging personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the company dormitory.


freight logistics management

Disinfection and registration of all goods entering the plant, and full closed-loop management of trucks.