To participate in the celebration of "March 8th" the city's female workers art performance

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In honor of the No.The 106 "March 8th" International Working Women's Day will enrich the holiday life of the majority of female employees and vigorously promote the dedication of the working class in the new era. On the afternoon of March 4, the Municipal Federation of Trade unions held a "meritorious service" 13th five-year Plan to praise the people around them in the multi-function hall of the New Century Hotel. The dance "natural and unrestrained female soldiers" by the female workers of Minglong Group, as a joint unit of 14 workers and sisters in the city, appeared for the first time on the big stage of the city's female workers to show their elegant demeanor, fully demonstrating the unique mental outlook and elegant demeanor of the female warp knitting workers of Minglong, and won bursts of warm applause.