Party member's electronic education: watch 2021 "moving China's top ten"

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Top Ten People in China

electronic education of party members

In order to stimulate the broad masses of party members and employees to love the party, love their country, love their posts and devote themselves to their work, the group launched a thematic audio-electronic education activity on April 30.

Watching the annual "Moving China's Top Ten People" program has become a major feature of Minglong's party building work, and it has been insisting on it for twelve consecutive years.

Education is the spring breeze and rain, moistening things silently. The employees watched carefully, listened to the award words and touching deeds, and carried out a spiritual baptism. After watching the video, I was deeply educated and moved. Through reflection, I turned what I saw and heard into a powerful energy in my heart, and I became more confident in my work.

Feeling after watching:



Introduction and Award Speech of 2021 Moving Chinese Characters


Yang Zhenning: The Moon's Common Way

Standing at the intersection of science and tradition, it's amazing. What you have contributed to the world is so profound that not many people understand it. You dedicated to the motherland, so pure, we all know. Once, you stood in the front row of the world, now, you are with the country to the future.



Zhang Shundong and Li Guoxiu Couple: Self-improvement Min Tian Xing

Mountain to mountain, cliff to cliff, life is like a row in the middle of a river,

Phyllostachys pubescens is born with hard bones and muscles, and comes out of the mountain with the wind and the water.

Li Jia elder sister talent is good, Zhang Jia eldest brother has a crush on her.

No feet out of the road to wealth, no hands embroidered happiness flowers.



Su Bingtian: Self-transcendence with Heart

The world holds its breath

9 seconds 83

Speed out of Asia

You transcend injury and age, you transcend yourself

Behind you running, there is a strong motherland



Zhu Yanfu: Generosity is a hero

Life to you more than once.

Soldier, you don't just experience

The ice and snow of Changjin Lake did not yield

Nor bowed to hardship

Fight with yourself

Declaration of War on Poverty

Been fighting, holding on all my life

Human life should be spent like you.



Gu Songfen: Chong Tianpeng Wings Wide

Like the still water flowing deep, still water surging fire to serve the country, like an elephant invisible, invisible hidden in the dream of a powerful country. No distractions, one step at a time, aiming at the sky. Cheer the long strategy, hit the sky, recite the gentleman clear fen.


Chen Beier: Jiang Hai has endless meaning

Turn around from the neon jungle and get your feet covered in dirt. From the rainforest to the desert, through prejudice by a rope, beyond doubt by a steel ladder. An endless road, to the world to convey the smile of compatriots, you record the most beautiful scenery of this era.



Wu Tianyi: Changsong Yin Plateau

Drink a mouthful of water that cannot be burned, swallow a mouthful of tsampa that cannot be turned, and seal up the family affection that cannot be left, because there is a dream in my heart that cannot be put down. Lack of oxygen, no lack of ambition! The altitude is higher, the target is higher. On the plateau, you watch a road and open up a road.



Jiang Mengnan: Silent Jade Mantang

You think, you are the same as us, we think, yes, but you are so unusual. Breaking through the silence, you have a loud horn in your heart. In the new era, you have a firmer direction. The bird that flies first must want to fly farther. Late open you, also like flowers in full bloom.



Peng Shilu: hidden dragon nurturing god body

After suffering, the first heart does not change. Listen in the mountains and restart in the year of Huajia. Two generations of human ideals surging, a lifetime for the country deep dive. You, like your work, are silent, but contain great power.



Space Dream Chaser: Red Heart Through the Sky

launch into orbit landing

Nine days to explore a dream in one go

Chase and run to lead

Fifty years of gap across

Huanyu asked the sky to explore the moon and pursue dreams.

The five-star red flag shines in space again and again

China's Space Flight Will Steady and Far Away

Their deeds are touching.

The power of their personalities is shocking.

Draw the power of moving

Let's move on