The Group actively carries out all kinds of business training

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In the past few days, in order to effectively improve the business literacy of the company's employees and enhance the ability of all employees to deal with emergencies, the group has organized employees to carry out various business trainings.

PART01 Legal Training



On May 9, the legal department invited lawyer Chen, the group's legal adviser, to give lectures and training to all sales staff.

At the training site, lawyer Chen mainly talked about the relevant contents of the contract law, focused on sorting out the legal risk points in the signing of the contract, and explained in detail how to avoid it legally. Finally, we consulted lawyer Chen on the problems encountered in the process of signing the contract, and deepened our understanding of the training content.



This legal training is intended to improve the legal knowledge of sales staff, improve the ability to resist risks, and make the company's daily sales and procurement process more efficient and safer.

PART02 Environmental Protection Training



On May 10, the group invited the national environmental assessment engineer and the group environmental protection housekeeper to give lectures. The general manager of each branch, vice president of production, key unit environmental protection specialist, a total of more than 30 people to participate in the training.

The training lecturer explained in detail and expanded his knowledge around the three aspects of environmental protection management system, typical environmental violation cases and environmental protection post functions, and shared some solutions to the actual environmental protection problems of the company.



The training further enhanced the environmental awareness of employees, especially production management personnel, strengthened the responsibility for environmental protection, and played a positive role in promoting the group's environmental protection work.