Minglong Lecture Hall No. 106-April Production and Operation Analysis Meeting

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Production and operation analysis meeting



Recently, the group held an April production and operation analysis meeting in the multi-function hall on the second floor. A total of more than 130 managers above the team leader, all party members, party activists, administrative personnel, and sales personnel attended the meeting. At the meeting, the financial center will report the completion of the assessment indicators, the management center will report the 6S inspection, and each branch will report the reasons and measures for not completing the indicators in turn.

Sing red songs together



Unity is strength.

Reporting by each branch and functional department



Group Party Committee Member, Chief Financial Officer-Zhu Linjie



Assistant to the President, Minister of Electrical and Machinery -- Shen Zhouhu



Executive Deputy General Manager of Warp Knitting Company-Qian Xiaoyan



Assistant General Manager of New Materials Company-Jin Tianli



Member of the Party Committee of the Group and General Manager of Kibu Company-Sun Xuehua



Zhu Aiping, General Manager of Minglong Chemical Fiber



Jia Wenguang, member of the Party Committee of the Group and general manager of Xinminglong Technology

Concluding remarks



Zhou Lijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group

Combined with the current epidemic and market environment, put forward the current epidemic enterprise self-help methods:

1.Cash Flow StatementTo do everything possible to make cash flow positive, stop the bleeding first:

1, slow payment: deferred "payable", discretionary "reduction", price "receipt";

2, fast collection: low price "pre-collection", sell "receivables", ask for "financing".

2.Income Statement (Income Statement), to try to make the income is greater than the expenditure, three aspects to do customer resource optimization:

1. Inventory of existing customers; 2. Caring for core customers; 3. Adjust target customers.

3.Balance SheetDo everything you can to increase your assets:

1, credit assets; 2, customer assets; 3, management assets; 4, product assets; 5, employee assets.



Group Party Secretary, Chairman-Zhu Jianhua

After commenting on the micro-party class, Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, put forward three key words in view of the current complex market situation and internal management:Unity, innovation, execution.

1. solidarity

Unity is strength. Unity can be invincible and can overcome all difficulties. No matter the family or the unit, only unity can do all kinds of work well.

2. innovation

Innovation is always the first driving force for the development of science and technology, and innovation is also a necessary condition for the development of enterprises. Wisdom is better than innovation, and innovation wins the future.

3. execution

Execution is the key to all systems. Everyone in the enterprise must recognize their role positioning. In addition to being a smart and capable commander, more are executors. Only strong execution can better promote the development of the enterprise.

Finally, the chairman of the board of directors used the sentence "life has no rehearsal, every day is live broadcast" to encourage everyone.