Plastic Company Attends Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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From March 9 to 12, the 2016 Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition, which focuses on the general trend of the entire industry, was held as scheduled at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area of this year's exhibition reached 200000 square meters. Together with more than 2000 companies from more than 120 countries and regions, it showcased the world's most cutting-edge technology and demonstrated extraordinary innovation capabilities.

As a leader in the plastic industry, Minglong Plastic Co., Ltd. also participated in the exhibition as scheduled. A series of products such as high-quality calendered film body materials, advanced canopy materials, shower curtains, printing films, and advanced indoor and outdoor flexible light box cloth have won the attention and praise of new and old customers at home and abroad. The salesmen collected potential customer information through on-site communication, communication and negotiation, which further enhanced the brand awareness and influence of Minglong company, at the same time also more understanding of the plastic industry's latest market.

Through this exhibition, Minglong Company not only shows new products and innovative technologies, but also shows the company's strong strength. I believe that through our continuous efforts, we will let the world know Minglong and let Minglong go to the world!