The Group Launching the 12th Staff Fire Fighting Skills Competition

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Twelfth session

Fire Fighting Skills Competition

Focus on fire safety first



In order to improve the ability of employees to deal with emergencies, to be familiar with the operation methods of fire fighting equipment, to popularize fire knowledge, to master the knowledge and skills of fire escape and self-rescue, and to effectively prevent all kinds of fire accidents, recently, the group jointly launched the 12th staff fire fighting skills competition and fire fighting knowledge training with Tudian full-time fire brigade. This time, a total of 6 teams were organized to compete and more than 240 employees participated in the training.



Watch the fire warning film



Tudian full-time fire brigade explained the four abilities and specific contents of fire fighting for employees.



Assistant President Shen Zhouhu Emphasizes Fire Warning Film and Training Content



Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive president, made comments and requirements on the training and skills competition:

1. through learning to increase fire knowledge

Through the training system, everyone learned the basic knowledge of fire fighting, fire fighting and self-rescue methods, which effectively improved everyone's understanding of fire safety and disaster reduction and prevention, and enhanced everyone's mutual rescue and self-rescue skills in fires. All branches are required to go back and organize their own fire fighting knowledge training and drills.

2. increase firefighting skills and disposal processes through competitions

It is hoped that all branches will take the competition as an opportunity to further strengthen the construction of fire fighting micro-stations, solidly carry out team fire fighting skills training, and improve the ability to fight early fires.

3. Enhance Unity and Cooperation through Skills Competition

In the following work, I hope that all managers will enhance the cooperation of employees, enhance the ability to deal with each other in the first time, supervise each other, and jointly improve fire fighting skills.

Competition Review

There are three events in this competition: oil barrel fire fighting, fire hydrant water outlet operation and 4*30 meter load relay.





Oil drum fire extinguishing




Hydrant water operation




4*30 m load relay




First Prize-Head Office Team



Second prize-Warp Knitting, Kibu Team



Third Prize-New Material, Bomb, New Minglong Team

After fierce competition, the head office team won the first prize, the warp knitting and Kibu teams won the second prize, and the new materials, ammunition and new Minglong won the third prize. The most important thing is that in the course of this competition, the fire fighting skills of all the team members have been improved, the fire fighting awareness has been deepened, and a solid foundation has been laid for the fire safety work of the group.

Special thanks to the full-time fire brigade of Tudian Town for their strong support.