Minglong Lecture Hall No. 107-May Production and Operation Analysis Meeting

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May Production and Operation Analysis Meeting

On June 13, the group held a production and operation analysis meeting in may in the conference room on the second floor of the south factory area. Management personnel above the team leader, all party members, party activists, administrative personnel and sales personnel attended the meeting. At the meeting, the financial center will report the completion of the assessment indicators, the management center will report the 6S inspection, and each branch will report the reasons and measures for not completing the indicators in turn.



Sing red songs together

Reporting by each branch and functional department



Group Party Committee Member, Chief Financial Officer-Zhu Linjie



Executive Deputy General Manager of Warp Knitting Company-Qian Xiaoyan



Assistant General Manager of New Materials Company-Jin Tianli



Member of the Party Committee of the Group and General Manager of Kibu Company-Sun Xuehua



Zhu Aiping, General Manager of Minglong Chemical Fiber



Jia Wenguang, member of the Party Committee of the Group and general manager of Xinminglong Technology

Concluding remarks



Guo Fengen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive President of the Group

At the meeting, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive president of the group, put forward four requirements:

1. Continue to implement "6S" management activities with high standards.The first is to organize a look back and summarize and improve the three stages; the second is to hold knowledge competitions to improve theoretical literacy; the third is to increase supervision and rectification efforts to ensure implementation effects.

2, conscientiously do a good job in the implementation of the "golden idea" project.The first is to put "golden ideas" through all kinds of work to save costs and reduce losses; the second is to draw inferences from one another to improve management processes and links; and the third is that managers should take the lead in implementation and set an example.

3. Further strengthen the management of safety work.The first is to hold morning meetings and class meetings, continuous education, continuous warning, and continuous analysis; the second is to further improve the on-site management links and resolutely prevent repetitive accidents; the third is to strengthen internal management and patrols, and promptly raise and rectify problems found., Summarize and improve in time.

4, the implementation of the middle-level cadre assessment system.The first is to strictly implement the assessment system, fair and just assessment; the second is to do a good job in the training of middle-level teams; the third is to give full play to the role of middle-level managers to ensure that management is not out of touch.


Zhou Lijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group

Finally, Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of the group, put forward the following requirements for the current complex market situation and internal management after commenting on the micro party class:

1. sales charge ahead.Each salesman should take the initiative to visit old customers, maintain good old customers, and make every effort to ensure the full load of equipment.

Strong backing for 2. production.Open full power to ensure production, go all out for protection.

3. development is imperative.The development department should actively develop new products, cooperate with the sales department to expand new customers and improve market competitiveness.

4. work to the next level.All branches and functional departments should strictly control the employment, procurement and quality control, and strive for a higher level of work.