Group held the first "6s management knowledge competition"

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"6s management knowledge contest"

Minglong Holding Group



as an important work to improve the management year within the group, the group began to implement 6s management at the beginning of the year. After the efforts of the first three stages, each branch has been greatly improved in all aspects of 6s management.

In order to further enhance employees' understanding of 6s management knowledge, the group recently held the first "6s management knowledge competition". this competition is a collective education and learning, and it is also an on-site inspection to enhance the safety awareness of managers and employees.



Competition scene





A total of 6 teams participated in this competition, namely, the warp knitting company team, the new materials company team, the kibu company team, the Minglong chemical fiber company team, the new Minglong company team and the head office team.

There are three parts in the competition: required questions, risk questions and rush questions.

The atmosphere on the field was tense and warm, and the players were full of spirit, unity and cooperation, and tacit understanding, showing excellent theoretical quality and good spiritual outlook. With their rich knowledge reserves and wonderful on-the-spot performance, they won bursts of applause from the audience.

Award session





After fierce competition, the Kibu company team stood out and won the first prize; the new material company team and the Minglong chemical fiber company team won the second prize; the warp knitting company team, the new Minglong company team and the head office team won the third prize.

Summary Comments



Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive president, made a summary comment on the whole activity. First of all, he affirmed that the activity had achieved the expected results, which mainly reflected three characteristics:

   First, fully prepared and full of confidence.It fully demonstrates the good mental outlook and full self-confidence of the people of Ming Long.

   The 2. is well organized and has a strong atmosphere.Create a full participation, positive safety culture atmosphere.

   3. Games Gain, Apply What You Have Leared. While watching the competition, I gained knowledge, improved my quality and achieved the goal of common improvement.

On how to firmly grasp the policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management" and do a good job in the next 6s management work, he put forward three requirements:

   First, grasp the implementation of safety thinking.

Make full use of safety education, training, competition and other carriers, actively study laws and regulations, operating procedures and group safety systems, enhance employees' awareness of self-prevention, and eliminate paralysis and fluke in thinking.

   Second, in the implementation of the security system to grasp the implementation.

All staff should participate, from top to bottom, especially managers should take the lead in implementation. All branches, departments and workshops should implement it at the implementation level. They should take it seriously, not afraid of trouble or discount.

   3. in the accountability to the people to grasp the implementation.

Clarifying responsibilities and investigating responsibilities are the starting point and goal of doing a good job in safety work, decomposing safety responsibilities to posts and implementing them to individuals, so that there are no blind spots, strictly investigate violations of regulations and disciplines, and deal with them seriously.