Tudian Town's First Enterprise Free Nucleic Acid Detection Point Established in the Group!

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guard the door

Build strong epidemic prevention

Setting up nucleic acid detection points

Epidemic normalization, prevention and control is not relaxed

Minglong Nucleic Acid Sampling Point

Ventilate frequently | wear masks | go out less



According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, in order to prevent the epidemic from rebounding, do a good job of "guarding the small door", and at the same time, in order to facilitate the group's employees to do nucleic acid, with the application of the group's party committee and the approval of government departments, the group has set up a nucleic acid sampling point internally from today. This is the first nucleic acid detection point set up in the enterprise in Tudian Town so far.





A total of 5 nucleic acid sampling volunteers were recruited for the establishment of the nucleic acid sampling site. They obtained certificates through online learning, and took up their posts with certificates after passing the practical examination of the offline Tudian Town Health Center.

This morning, the group conducted the first nucleic acid sampling, and a total of 240 samples were collected. During the sampling process, volunteers wearing protective equipment were standardized to strictly implement the sampling process and collect nucleic acid for employees. All tested employees wear masks, keep spacing, and enter the sampling area in an orderly manner to receive nucleic acid throat swab samples.



"Nucleic acid testing can be done downstairs in the company. It is much more convenient to queue up at the spot." An employee said.

The on-demand sampling service not only provides convenience for employees, but also effectively avoids personnel-intensive gathering and reduces the risk of cross-infection. The establishment of the company's nucleic acid detection point has been fully affirmed by the majority of employees, and the "zero run" of nucleic acid detection has been realized ".