"Shared Court" Enters "Tong Xin" Ming Long Chamber

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Shared Court



Recently, the "shared court" has successfully settled in the "Tongxin" Minglong Council Hall, which has further unblocked the important channels of communication with the court and the Municipal Women's Federation, and can provide legal consultation, dispute resolution and other services for female employees of enterprises "zero distance.



Through the "shared court", we can constantly improve the legal awareness of female workers and learn to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests. The group will make full use of the existing positions, organize and carry out activities to care for female employees, and further enhance the ability of female employees to actively participate and act on their own initiative.

Visiting Reception

On the afternoon of July 8, Shen Huiju, president of the Municipal Women's Federation, Xing Jin and Yan Xueqin, vice presidents of the Municipal Women's Federation, and presidents of the women's federations in various towns and streets visited the group to visit the "Tongxin" Minglong Council Hall. Group Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Executive President Guo Fengen warm reception.