Cool mung bean soup thick long affection

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In the past few days, high temperature weather has occurred frequently, and the highest temperature has reached more than 40 ℃. The employees of the company are not afraid of the heat and still stick to their posts. In line with the enterprise spirit of "people-oriented", the group has delivered cool mung bean soup to employees every day for three consecutive months since this month, bringing coolness, health and care to the front line.




In the future, the high temperature will continue and the production task will be arduous. Everyone should always pay attention to their health, combine work and rest, and arrange work and rest time reasonably. The group will also carry out various forms of heatstroke prevention and cooling activities, and take necessary measures and methods to ensure the safety of employees through the heat.


Summer Heat Prevention Tips


1. Drink plenty of plain boiled water and drink it regularly. Don't wait until you are thirsty. Don't drink it after you are thirsty. Drink less juice, soda and other beverages.

2. The diet should not be too light. In summer, people have a long activity time, sweat a lot, and consume a lot. They should eat more nutritious foods such as chicken, duck, lean meat, fish, and eggs.

Avoid "rapid cooling" after heating ". People go out or return from work, immediately take a cold bath, which will make the pores of the whole body close quickly, but it is difficult to distribute heat in the body, and it will also cause insufficient blood supply to the brain due to rapid contraction of blood vessels in the brain, making people dizzy.

4. air conditioning indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large. The temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor of the air conditioner should not exceed 5 degrees Celsius. Even if the weather is hot again, the indoor temperature of the air conditioner should not be below 24 degrees Celsius.

5. When you go out, you should also carry heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs, such as ten drops of water, Rendan, wind oil essence, etc., to prevent emergency use.