Improve execution and be a good manager.

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2022/7/16 Managers Efficient Execution to Create Training Camp

Improve execution and be a good manager

Minglong Holding Group

On the afternoon of July 16, in the multi-function hall on the second floor, the group specially appointed Chen Xiaoyong, chief consultant of Jiaxing lide consultant, to conduct execution training for the group team leader and above management personnel, administrative and warehouse management personnel.




Teacher Chen Xiaoyong focused on the five major contents of "belief, goal, responsibility, innovation, and reflection", combined with the actual situation of the group, and gave the employees an efficient execution training class in simple terms. Group employees are divided into 10 groups, everyone listen carefully, think carefully, and actively answer questions.










In the end, the first group, the second group, and the seventh group were the most active and serious, and obtained the management books provided by the group.