The Group undertook the Tongxiang Warp Knitting Skills Competition and won the first prize of individual single event.

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Welcome to the 20 major competitions to help common prosperity



On July 22, sponsored by the Coordination Group for the Construction and Reform of Tongxiang Industrial Workers in the New Era, and hosted by Tudian Town Federation of Trade Unions and Minglong Holding Group and other units, the 2022 "Welcome to the Twenty Major Competitions to Help Common Wealth" Tongxiang Economic and Knitting Skills Competition was held in Minglong Economic and Knitting Company. This is the first time that the warp knitting industry has held a skill competition in towns and enterprises in Tongxiang.

Competition scene




Through careful preparation in the early stage and selection at various levels within the enterprise, more than 30 masters of warp knitting skills from various towns (streets) in the city participated in this skill competition. This competition is mainly for practical operation tests, which are divided into three items: "receiving yarn and changing wrong yarn", "changing bad needles" and "wearing yarn" to test the practical operation ability of employees on site.

At the competition site, the contestants were calm and meticulous in operation, showing superb operation skills and solid technical skills in every move. The referees made technical comments on the operational highlights and existing problems of the contestants in each link.

Award session

In this competition, warp knitting company Li Hong won the first prize in the "yarn wearing" project and the title of Tongxiang technical operation expert. Lu Xiaomei of Kibu Company won the third prize in the project of "receiving yarn and changing wrong yarn". Minglong Warp Knitting Company won the third prize of the group.





As the chairman unit of Tongxiang Warp Knitting Chamber of Commerce, it is a great honor to host the first Warp Knitting Skills Competition in Tongxiang City. This competition fully demonstrated the skill level and spiritual outlook of the warp knitting workers in the city, created a strong atmosphere of learning knowledge, practicing skills, strengthening technology and tamping foundation, and further improved the skill ability of warp knitting workers. Through the promotion of learning and promotion by competition, the quality of warp knitting industry workers was improved, It has played a positive role in promoting the common progress and common prosperity of the society.