Group held a semi-annual meeting of all sales staff

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On July 23, in order to let the sales staff have a comprehensive understanding of the group's semi-annual sales situation, earnestly sum up experience and further promote the work progress in the second half of the year, the group held a 2022 semi-annual summary meeting of all sales staff in the training center on the first floor of the head office, at which the sales situation in the first half of the year was reported and summarized and outstanding sales staff and teams were commended.



Zhu Linjie, member of the Party Committee of the Group and Director of the Finance Center, reported and summarized the completion of sales in the first half of the year.

Award Ceremony



Zhang Jinghua, director of the business department of New Materials Company, won the first prize.



Zhu Yichen, sales assistant of the company, won the second prize.



Zhao Yunjia, salesman of New Materials Company, won the third prize



New Materials Company Won Team Sales Champion

experience sharing

The winners share their experiences in turn.



Zhang Jinghua, Director of New Materials Business Department



Add bomb sales assistant Zhu Yichen



New materials salesman Zhao Yunjia



Hu Yufei, Minister of the Ministry of Justice, analyzed the recent sales cases.



Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of the group, gave a lesson on marketing mentality and skills sharing for all marketing personnel.

Finally, President Zhou Lijun made a concluding speech on the meeting, hoping that all sales staff can learn from the experience of excellent sales and summarize and analyze the achievements in the first half of the year. Can keep in mind the sales volume and other targets set at the beginning of the year, insist on the target not to relax, firm confidence to rush forward; Can continuously improve sales ability and improve the company's performance.