The Group Held the 19th Safety Production Month Mobilization Meeting

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Safety Production Month Activities

In order to further consolidate the group's safety work results, sum up experience, find problems, analyze deficiencies, improve the system, and further enhance employees' safety awareness and managers' sense of responsibility, the group specially held the 19th safety production month mobilization meeting.



Read out the safety production month activity plan



Assistant President Shen Zhouhu read out the safety production month activity plan.

Security Contracting





On behalf of the group, Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the party committee and president, signed safety agreements with the executive deputy general manager of the warp knitting company, the general manager of the new materials company, the general manager of the Kibu company, the general manager of the bomb, and the general manager of the new Minglong Technology Company.





Jia Qunhai, vice president of production of warp knitting company, Zhong Xiaofei, vice president of production of Kibu company, and Hao Enyong, vice president of production of Xinminglong Technology Company, took the stage in turn to make statements. In their speeches, they summarized the problems existing in the management and indicated that they would actively participate in the safety production month, set an example, put an end to paralysis, and put safety work in an absolutely important position.

Fire Fighting Training



At the meeting, the group specially invited Hu Pengfei, a preacher of Tongxiang Fire Brigade, to give a training class on safe production. The purpose of this training is to strengthen and standardize safety training, improve employees' safety awareness, prevent safety accidents, and reduce the occurrence of work-related injuries.

Concluding remarks



Finally, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive president of the group, summarized the event and put forward three requirements:

1) Attitude.To establish the safety concept of "managing hidden dangers and preventing accidents" and create an atmosphere of "paying attention to safety and caring for employees", all managers must further correct their attitudes.

2, the action.Action is execution. No matter how good the plan and plan is, without effective action and resolute execution, it is all on paper. Effective action is also a concrete manifestation of a correct attitude. Therefore, managers should set an example, party members should play an exemplary role, and actively rectify existing problems together.

3. Results.Results-oriented, based on assessment, give extra points to the branches that do well, and deduct points for the branches that do not do well, especially the bottom ones. The result is the final performance of the inspection action and attitude.