Practise basic skills, build sales strong army

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Build a strong sales force



In order to further improve the professional knowledge of sales staff and better serve customers, the sales department of the warp knitting branch recently carried out a training with the theme of "practicing basic skills and building a strong sales army". The course consists of two parts: training and evaluation.

Practice basic skills



This training is mainly carried out from three aspects: product cognition, quotation calculation and common knowledge in foreign trade business. Training is not only a test for new people, but also for old business personnel to learn from the past.

A mapping test followed. Through the examination, find out everyone's shortcomings, in view of these shortcomings, follow-up will also carry out systematic training.



Only by attaching great importance to the training of sales staff can we build an efficient sales team and build a strong sales force. This is also the significance of training sales staff.

Sales team six points

Goal higher passion enough

Ways to travel more frequently

A little sweet mouth a little thick skin

-- Party Secretary, Chairman Zhu Jianhua